Useful information about moving with Us

How do I make an appointment with BearStorm Moving Service?

Probably you have already filled in form for using our moving services.

Providing all necessary information, you will receive an estimate costs by phone, facebook,, WhatsApp or email within 48 hours, including an offer for a date and time.

If you are happy with estimate of the moving, we would like to receive a confirmation by phone, facebook,, WhatsApp or email.

As soon as we get confirmation, we will send you final approval.

You can cancel or move your appointment 72 hours before it, free of charge. (except Full service moving or all day moving service)

50 administration costs or € 100 cancellation costs will be charged, if changes are made within 72 hours before scheduled move. (except Full service moving or all day moving service)

Full Service moving or all day moving service € 100 administration costs or € 200 cancellation costs will be charged, if changes are made within 72 hours before scheduled move.

Urgent moving request is calculated with double rate, (for example normal rate is 50 € per hour, urgent job with response in less than one hour will cost 100 € per hour).

For urgent transfers (only by calling) or specific questions you can reach us on phone +31617024241; +31641139739, facebook,, WhatsApp or email

How can I prepare my goods for transportationTips and Tricks.

Do as much as possible in closed boxes, loose items often cost a lot of extra time! Make sure that the total weight per removal box remains below 20 kg. Consider how the large furniture has come in the house, things that do not fit, cause delays. Make a note of the room and content per box, so packing is much easier. Keep all your keys, valuables and important papers in a separate, safe place. Electronic devices must be packaged in their original box, otherwise movers can not be responsible for damaging these items. Measure your large furniture to see if they fit through the window / door. Disassemble large cabinets, easier to move and takes less space in van. Pack your mattress in a mattress cover or in two sheets, otherwise it may become dirty. We have 2 seats in every bus (including driver).

Make sure that you have packed everything as well as possible. There are sufficient straps and blankets in our buses to professionally move your furniture. However, you can save a lot of time (and therefore money) through a good preparation.

Moving boxes are important for every move! They are easy to lift, stack and protect your belongings optimally. Moving boxes are closed and taped. That way we can stack them well and therefore fit more in the moving truck.

A few bags or trash bags is of course no problem, but boxes are preferred.

Disassembling furniture yourself saves a lot of time and money. Movers can also do this if this is clearly indicated in advance.

You can buy or rent all necessary packing materials from us at a low price!

If you want need to have any packing materials or boxes, you can contact us in advance to make sure that we can meet you at our office. Also possible delivery (Amsterdam area € 25).

We are open 24/7 by appoitment and reachable on +31641139739 or +31617024241 during normal office hours.

As a good gesture, sandwich and something to drink will always make things better 🙂 .

How do I ensure sufficient parking space?

Driver always try to park as close to your door as possible, for quick load and unload of goods. It is up to you to ensure that this is possible.

Officially, it is mandatory to request an permit from the municipality, but this is not always necessary. It may be that the sidewalk (+ bike path) is wide enough to place our moving truck.

We can also park double on wide roads, only in case if we are not on the way for other traffic.

You can also occupy a parking space with your own car ( bike, furniture etc.)

If no exemption is arranged, the risk of a possible fine lies with clients. There is a chance that we will have to cancel the move.

We advise you to apply for an permit in the following situations:

Use moving elevator, one-lane streets, busy streets, canals and bicycle / pedestrian areas, restricted areas, high security areas.

Moving service systems

  • Stairs

Moving through the stairs usually takes a long time and not everything fits over the stairs in old houses and buildings. So think carefully about how your large furniture came in.

Damage caused by moving to staircases and stairwells is at your own risk.

Moving through the stairs is optimal with 1-4 strong people (including movers), depending on the floor where the goods are moved.

  • Internal lift

Moving through the internal elevator is fairly slow, often putting down and lifting the stuff and neighbours who also have to use the lift. Sometimes it is more convenient to move with the moving lift but at higher than 5hg the internal lift is often the only option. Indicate clearly how many meters must be covered via corridors and / or galleries.

Moving with the internal lift is optimal with 2-6 strong people (including movers), depending on the floor and how much goods client have.

  • External lift (up to 11th floor)

With external lift your belongings are insured, everything goes up and down quickly and professionally. However, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient space in front of the door, window. External lift must always be placed right in front of the window, which movers will use for moving goods inside house.

Always measure whether the window is large enough for the largest items and see if it is possible to take the window out. Moving with the moving elevator is optimal with 2-4 strong people (including movers). Minimum external lift use is 1h. (100 €).

In case of any questions or doubt, you can call Us to discuss whether the use of the moving lift is possible and necessary.

Payment options

At the end of the move, costs are calculated depending from time spend on moving service. Or if client have reserved certain amount of hours.

Total price is calculated on the basis of hours, used packing materials, boxes etc.

Movers and moving truck are calculated from start to finish, the moving lift only for the hours that they are actually used. (Please consult with manager)

You have to pay cash (till 200 €) or PIN payment, or bank transfer (from 200 €). Each relocation team will provide info to make bank transfer.

Any tip can be cash, but can also be added to bank transfer payment.

The digital invoice in PDF form will be sent by email within a few weeks. Or hand written invoice will be made after moving service is done.


All your belongings are insured with us up to € 10,000, with a deductible of € 450 (own risk).

Certain conditions apply here, which you can see in section General Terms and Conditions.

The maximum liability is equal to the total removal sum.

Insurance claim of damaged goods need to be made before Movers have left client, with documentation, photos and notice to management.

Insurance is working only for Full-Service Moving or if Movers have approved Client packing methods and materials, in accordance with BearStorm Moving Service standards.

Any damage will be documented together with the movers and will be settled with the management afterwards. You must always fully settle payment for the move after the move.

Protecting your household goods

Transport (insurance)-worthy packaging is always insured. It is very important for us to always move your belongings damage free. Proper preparation on your part in combination with our professional, experienced movers will ensure that your move will be economical, efficient and successful. The transport-worthy delivery of your household goods is essential to guarantee the safety of your goods. If your furniture is protected against impact and scratch damage, we guarantee your household goods and property, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions.

If you offer your furniture unprotected, we will always transport it for you. The use of removal blankets during transport on the road will protect your goods. However, we can not guarantee any damage to your furniture during the move, if it is not offered transport-worthy (consult with management) You can order all protective products from us for transport-worthy packing of your furniture.

If you offer your furniture insurance -worthy(consult with management ), we guarantee the safety of your furniture. Goods are fully insured, any damage will be reimbursed to you, in accordance with General Terms And Conditions.