Tips & Tricks

How to prepare for moving your goods:

  • Disassemble as much as possible
  • Put all goods in boxes or bags for more efficient transportation
  • Pack fragile goods in bubble wrap
  • Mark your boxes or bags to know what is what in which box or bag for deliveries to correct rooms/spaces.
  • Big items always goes first, make sure there is space to move them to van first.
  • In the case of washing machines, the drum must be secured with the corresponding brackets.
  • Washing machines, dryers, gas cookers and refrigerators must be disconnected (if movers need to disconnect, extra charges may apply).
  • Make sure the boxes are accessible, we always start with that and big items like sofas, mattresses, closets etc.
  • Put all shelves, plates, mirrors, paintings and any other flat / long objects together. When moving several floors, place the items preferably on one floor.


BearStorm team