Relocation Services and Price Listing

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Dear Clients,

We are pleased to provide you with our exceptional relocation service, which guarantees the careful handling of your belongings. We strive to maximise efficiency and ensure your satisfaction as a valued client of BearStorm Moving Service. Rest assured, we are capable of transporting a wide range of goods, thanks to our extensive 7+ years of experience in the industry. Our track record encompasses successful moves of virtually every imaginable item. So, entrust us with your relocation service and join the ranks of our ever-growing list of satisfied clients. You can see our reviews on Google here.

We offer You:

♻️ International and National relocation services (Netherland and in all EU).

♻️Carring/ loading / unloading / packing / unpacking / disassemble / assemble /drive / move to and from any place. 

♻️Available contracts for companies, which need every day deliveries. 

♻️ Monthly deliveries from to :LV, LT, PL, DE, NL, FR, BE, UK, ES, P, IT etc. 

♻️ Storage solutions. 

♻️ Packing of any goods (for National or International shipment).

♻️ Furniture assemble and/or disassemble. 

♻️ Handyman or IKEA handyman.

♻️ Heavy object transportation. 

♻️ All sort of garbage removal from your property. 

♻️Office space relocations. 

♻️ Deliveries from IKEA, GAMMA, PRAXIS, MARKTPLAATS.NL etc.

Price list from 2022. 5th April:

– Price are shown excluding BTW (VAT).

8.00 – 20.00. normal rate
20.00 – 8.00 100 % up from normal rate.

– Van and Driver 40EUR/h plus parking costs (minimum reservation from 1.5h )

– Van and 1 worker 45EUR/h plus parking costs (minimum reservation from 2h )

– Van and 2 workers 80 EUR/h plus parking costs (minimum reservation from 1.5h )

– Each extra worker 35 EUR/h

– Handyman 40 EUR/ h plus parking costs (minimum reservation from 2h )

– 9 and 12 m3 VAN is included in price

– Rope system – 50€ (only specific cases, consult with manager)

–  External Lift system – 100€/h plus parking costs

– TRUCK 21 m3 – extra 50€ per move

– Moving blankets, as well as trolleys and fuel costs inside A10 Ring of Amsterdam is included in price.

If moving is to other cities, fuel price will be calculated in addition to the costs of hour rate.

10 km is extra 3 €.
Main office – Amsterdam.

Material Costs

Boxes 48 x 35 x 33cm; 10 pieces = 20€

TV box = 20 €

Boublewrap 10m x 1m = 10€

Plastic wrap 250m x 0.5m= 15€

Paper wraps (2 kg) = 10€

Tape 1 roll = 4€

– Price are shown excluding BTW (VAT).

Best regards,

Aivars Gulko & Aivars Onuzans

+31617024241 ; +31641139739

For any questions you can contact us here or by phone, email and WhatsApp.